Beautiful Space

As I was sponging down my oversized island countertop, in my lovely new kitchen, dreaming of even more improvements, it occurred to me:  why?

Why do I seek such a beautiful kitchen? Such a beautiful home?  I have spent many dollars and hours with glossy, photo-sparkling magazines. lustily admiring luxurious  granite-lined, stone-tiled, large-windowed cooking spaces.  They are beautiful and there is a certain ‘aaah’ factor in a well-arranged space.  But does it really need the continuous improvement that I attend to it?

I love my kitchen.  I love my family and friends.  Welcoming them into this space is a pleasure.  I considered Mary, the Holy Mother.  She was similar to all women, welcoming others into her home, and through the adage ‘a woman’s work is never done’.  But, I don’t believe she ever created work for herself by searching for adornments to her living space.

The importance of my home and my kitchen is that it is a welcoming place for those I love.  And even for those I don’t love so much.  When these people are with me, the important thing is that I treat them well, with respect and generosity, so that I may share a glimpse of the face of God with them.

Picture of the Home, Washington welcome sign. Photo by and (c)2004 NaJina McEnany. Used by permission.

It doesn’t matter what my kitchen looks like, it matters what my kitchen acts like.  If I am merely polishing my kitchen in order to polish my image, then I have gotten it gravely wrong.  I should be polishing my soul through the worship of God and the pursuit of heavenly grace, and corporeal works of mercy.  I hope these things happen in my home, and through my kitchen.  I am grateful for the beauty around me, and must thank God for it.  But it is of no use if I do not offer this vision to others.