To Newtown, with love

Oh Newtown.  How we wish we could turn back time and save your children, your teachers, your town.  In Newtown we have viewed a dark abyss, now punctuated by painfully petite coffins and children streaming into funeral homes.

Your grief is unbearable, yet you must bear it.   Remember that while you suffer and your days seem interminable, your children, your victims are wrapped in God’s warm and loving arms.  For you it is a lifetime until you meet again; for them, it is but a blink of God’s eye.  Today, their souls live and glow in the everlasting light of God’s love.  Through your prayers and their intercession, may you know this and feel God’s compassion.

You will never get over it, but somehow you will learn to live. Your righteous anger will be plentiful and just, but don’t let it eclipse your love for the people still here on earth with you.  I pray that with God’s grace and love, through the support of family, friends and community, you find comfort, strength and love.

The world will move on, too fast, beyond your tragedy.  The loss of innocent life everywhere, from senseless violence, war and other conflicts is far too common.  In this sophisticated and technologically advanced world, let us pray that we are smart enough to find ways to prevent such horrors.

Maybe a simple start, for us observers in particular: in honor of innocent lives lost, let us act as children want the grown-ups in their lives to act:  as ideal role models.  Let each of us engender and glorify kindness and love.  Keep violence as far from innocence as possible.

Newtown, may God give you solace and in your time, grant you peace.